New York's Village Halloween Parade

Thriller Dance

Michael Jackson Thriller illustration

2021 Village Halloween Parade is On!

This year's dance is for individuals who either know the routine (vets) or those who can learn it from our instructional video on the website.

There will be no indoor classes or instructions on the choreography, only 2 outdoor rehearsals to run through the dance. To ensure zombie social distancing, we will also be a smaller mob (60 dancers) lurching down the avenue.

'Cause this is Thriller

Since 2004, we have celebrated our combined love of gore and Michael Jackson by performing the infamous Thriller dance in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. We are between 17 and a million years old, and our dance experience ranges from novice to professional. We eat brains, grrrrrrrrrowl and bite, but most importantly, we boogie.

This Halloween, leave your mundane human life behind and transform into a rotting, dancing cadaver. After studio rehearsals, outdoor practices in Central Park, and zombie makeup lessons, you'll be hungering for brains in no time.


Learn The Dance

After several restless months clamoring in our coffins, we are pretty stiff. Time to practice the choreography so we don't fall apart out there.

Zombie Bouncers

Have you been decaying too long and don't think you can hobble fast enough for the dance? We have a limited number of zombie bouncer positions available.

Our living spectators often get so excited by our group that they want to join in. We don't want them distracting our zombies with their delicious brains, so it will be up to you to keep them at bay. If you are interested in becoming a zombie bouncer, contact [email protected].

With the ThrillerNYC group, we made it our mission to keep Michael and one of his greatest accomplishments alive. His legend will always live on as the best entertainer to grace this planet.

Makeda Davis
Makeda Davis as Michael
      Jackson in Thriller





A lot goes into organizing a dance of this size (studio space, dance lessons, makeup lessons, brains, water, music and basic graveyard fees). If you or your company is interested in sponsoring our performance please contact Erin.